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About Jazzmine Rusch, RN, Licensed Esthetician

Let us help identify and correct the root causes of your persistent roadblocks to great health and longevity.
Jazzmine Rusch, RN, Licensed Esthetician

Jazzmine Rusch has been a licensed esthetician since 2016 and a registered nurse who graduated from Rasmussen University in 2018, bringing a unique blend of expertise and compassion to Forum Health Madison. Originally hailing from Palatine, IL, she now calls Fort Atkinson, WI, home, where she is committed to serving her community both professionally and personally. 

Driven by her mission to ensure that every individual she encounters feels truly seen, heard, and cared for, Jazzmine approaches each interaction with empathy and dedication. Her journey in healthcare began by assisting acne patients and those with aging concerns as a licensed esthetician. Upon earning her RN license, she transitioned into the challenging yet rewarding field of high-risk labor and delivery nursing. 

In addition to her core qualifications as an RN and esthetician, Jazzmine holds certifications as a Neuromodulator Injector and SkinPen provider, further expanding her capabilities to provide comprehensive care to her patients. 

Beyond the realm of healthcare, Jazzmine finds joy and fulfillment in various pursuits. Whether it’s engaging in strength training and running with Peloton or indulging her passion for cooking, her interests reflect a commitment to holistic well-being. However, her greatest source of happiness comes from spending quality time with her husband and three children. Whether cheering on their favorite sports teams, dancing to the infectious beats of Taylor Swift, or simply relishing in each other’s company, these moments remind Jazzmine of the importance of balance and connection in life. 

In every endeavor, Jazzmine is guided by a simple yet profound philosophy: to be a light in the lives of others and to make a positive difference wherever she goes. Through her work as a healthcare professional and her role within her community, she is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact that extends far beyond the confines of the Forum Health Madison clinic. 


To schedule an appointment with Jazzmine please contact the Madison office by calling (608) 233-2378.