About Traci Eliszewski

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Traci Eliszewski, NP (AGACNP-BC) graduated from Marquette University in 2017 and has worked in inpatient medicine as both a Neurology NP and an inpatient Hospitalist for the past 7 years, she started working in Integrative and Functional Medicine 3 years ago. She has taken courses through Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). She joined Forum Health in 2021, where her current focus is on overall health optimization, longevity and anti-aging by balancing and optimizing hormones, weight loss, thyroid, gut heath, peptide therapy, and regenerative medicine techniques.



  • Masters of Science in Nursing from Marquette University
  • Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater



Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy | Menopause | Thyroid | Gut Health | Medical Weight Loss | Digestive Issues  



  • Institute of Functional Medicine


To schedule an appointment with Traci Eliszewski at the Madison location call the office at (608) 233-2378.